Wailing Women Ministries


Wailing Women Ministries was established over ten years ago. This organization serves as a resource to women of all faiths. Wailing Women Ministries is active in the community and provides annual scholarships to women pursuing higher education. All proceeds from The Metamorphic Journey will benefit Wailing Women Ministries’ scholarship recipients.


Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Zakaria Grandy – Richmond Community High School


Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ashanti Alford – Armstrong High School


Congratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Brenna Dascoulias – Thomas Dale High School


Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship Recipients

Farah Hatoum – John Randolph Tucker High School


Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship Recipients

Anna Bass – Hermitage High School

Vi Nguyentran – Hermitage High School

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