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The Metamorphic Journey is a movement that provides people an opportunity to reflect on how they have become or are becoming the individual people see daily. Your true beauty is manifested in the brilliance of your wings. Read an excerpt from the book, learn about the author, see highlights from the annual scholarship event, share your story through blog post responses, or book the author for speaking engagements. Thank you for visiting.

About the Book

The Metamorphic Journey

People see the beauty but know nothing

about the transformation.

What created the brilliance they see on display?

Isabella, Naomi, and Heather invite you to join

them on their metamorphic journey.

Three ladies.

All under the age of 20.


Their true beauty is manifested in the

strength of their wings.

the metamorphic journey book

Excerpt from

The Metamorphic Journey

From the day you were born until the day you die, you will undergo metamorphosis.

One blissful day, you were presented to this world as a no-name baby girl. From the very moment you were formed in your mother’s womb as an egg to the very moment you forged your way out of the cocoon, you began your metamorphic journey to greatness.

There is no one life experience that shapes who you will become. They are all valuable and necessary to display who you are to the world.

Your life will undergo many twists and turns. Life will take you on a journey that is unpredictable, but the benefit of the process will result in transformation that human eyes cannot see. This journey of a lifetime does not match anyone else’s.

Rejoice. You will live to tell your story so someone else’s life can be transformed. It is easy to get bogged down with who did not love you. Why this happened to you. Or what you are supposed to do next.

Do not fret or cry because things did not happen the way you intended. There is no beauty in dwelling on the circumstances. The beauty is in the ashes (Isaiah 61:3, KJV).

The beauty manifests itself in how you embrace your metamorphosis. The beauty is in the brilliance of your wings that fly high from place to place. The beauty is in the lives you change as you continue to move forward, not knowing how the story ends.

In this moment, the burden you are carrying may not feel like a little bump in the road. It may feel like Mount Everest.

Do not allow your emotions to deter you from achieving all that God has for you. It does not look like what it appears to be.

You CAN get through this.

You WILL get through this.

You SHALL get through this.

ONE day at a time.

ONE moment at a time.

ONE journey at a time.

Purchasing Details

There are three payment methods available for obtaining a copy of The Metamorphic Journey. All purchases benefit the Wailing Women Ministries Scholarship Fund.

$9.99 – includes SIGNED paperback book

$19.99 – includes SIGNED paperback book, bookmark, and 3 note cards

$29.99 – includes SIGNED paperback book, bookmark, 3 note cards, journal, and ink pen