About the Author

DaNika Neblett Robinson

DaNika Neblett Robinson can relate to the stories of Isabella, Naomi, and Heather. At the age of sixteen, she was challenged with making the same decisions. To abort, adopt, or keep her baby. DaNika’s metamorphic journey to greatness began when she decided to give birth to her handsome son and stay on track to graduate high school with honors. Four years later, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter.


DaNika has always been passionate about her personal and professional development. Because of her strong desire to succeed, she was able to complete five degrees (Associate in Business Administration; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Religious Studies; Master in Public Administration; and Doctor of Education in Leadership). She was able to persevere despite having two children, being a first-generation college student, and working a full-time job. DaNika currently serves as an administrator in higher education. She enjoys inspiring, motivating, and empowering tomorrow’s leaders to achieve their goals, in spite of life’s obstacles.


DaNika established Wailing Women Ministries, an organization that serves as a resource to women from all faiths. Wailing Women Ministries is very active in the community and provides annual scholarships to women pursuing higher education. All proceeds from this book will benefit Wailing Women Ministries’ scholarship recipients.

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