Try Something New

Try Something New

I recently went to the grocery store.  Paced up, down, and around the produce section.  Knowing that a salad was on the menu.  I did not want to experience the turmoil of vegetables going bad because I had not eaten them fast enough.  I had a brilliant idea.  Buy a bag of spinach and a bag of stir fry mix.  Everything I needed.  Spinach.  Bell peppers.  Red onions.  Broccoli.  Carrots.  Snapped peas.  Snapped peas?  I had never eaten snapped peas before.

As I sat at my desk the next day and assembled the delicious salad, I was happy I was trying something new.  Within minutes, I had eaten the entire salad, savoring every bite but frowning like the babies in this video.  I had convinced myself that my face was swollen and someone would find me stretched out on the floor unconscious.  Reminded of the time I saw someone eat a similar vegetable.

Snapped peas versus edamame.  You see, you cannot eat the edamame pod without getting sick.  At that time, I did not know the difference between the two.

A Google search was imperative.  Can I eat the pod of snapped peas?  I was excited that I had tried something new but my sensitive palate wasn’t ready.  More like I was not mentally ready because the snapped peas did not taste bad at all.  The Google search revealed that I could consume the pod of the snapped peas and my urgent dash to the restroom to check my “swollen” face was not necessary.

Being a picky eater has robbed me of some experiences I could have enjoyed.  That moment of discovery placed me on a road of trying something new as often as I can.  After that fateful day, my eyes were opened to new opportunities.

I have expanded my food selection.  I eventually tried edamame.  Liked it!  Sushi.  Liked it!  Black beans (in a salad).  Liked it!  Oysters.  Liked it with some exceptions.  Guacamole.  Still exploring.

I plan to continue to try something new.  Won’t you join me?  What new food, activity, hobby, and/or adventure will you try?  Do not limit yourself anymore.  The sky is the only limit.

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