Her Story: How Getting Away Helped Me Get Back to Me

Her Story: How Getting Away Helped Me Get Back to Me

I recently served as a Life Untapped guest blogger. Many thanks to my author mentor, Stacy Hawkins Adams, for giving me this opportunity to continue to share my metamorphic journey.  See the text of the blog post below:

I slid the balcony door open, walked to the end of the railing in front of me, and stood there. Soaking up all of the beauty. To my left was the sun rising as it peaked through the palm tree leaves that swayed from left to right. In front of me was a picturesque view of someone parasailing over the aqua blue water beneath them. To my right was a middle-aged man wearing earbuds and walking a trail in the 70-degree weather that would peak at 90 degrees by midday.

I sat down and reflected. I was on vacation. I could finally stop for a few days and do nothing. No emails to check. No meetings to hurry to and no numbers to crunch. No football practice to scurry a child to. No choir performance to slip in the back of the auditorium to hear my baby’s alto voice melodically come through. Nothing but me, God’s creation, and the fears I had decided to toss into the body of water in front of me.

Back home in the U.S., where I was a leader in my community and at work, I often had to be mindful of eyes watching me – which made me as cautious as the seasoned woman I observed wading in the beach water in front of me, holding the arm of the person who walked beside her. My trip to paradise allowed me to throw caution to the wind, however, as I boarded a catamaran and sailed with the native who guided the vessel to the furthest part of the blue horizon that I could see with my naked eyes. As I sat there on the open vessel, I realized that I had conquered a fear.

You see, I had pondered that boat ride for a few hours, afraid I would drown like I almost did at 10 years old. Only this time, it was not a pool. I was surrounded by water so deep I was sure that if I took a plunge, the life jacket would not save me. At this moment, on the catamaran, I felt superior. Fear no longer controlled me.

Traveling exposes you to many sites and experiences and provide opportunities to reset, regroup and refresh. One could choose to go thousands of miles away from home or simply a car ride down the street. The idea is to get away and do things outside your norm. I’m glad I did, and I encourage you to do the same. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.

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